Anyone experience this and were 🤰🏾?

✨ Goldiee Curllss 🌟

So today is cycle day 46 I’m 13 days late for my period . It was supposed to come on the 14 and if not then today (my cycles are irregular) I’ve taken multiple opks throughout my cycle started at CD 28 and the test light was either lightly dark or dark but not dark enough and according to my ovulation reader my peak was CD 28 . I’ve recently taken opks and the test line was most definitely light but then this morning about 10:30 I took an opk and it normally says wait 10-20 mins for the lines to progress but these line came within 3 mins and they both were dark any ideas on what’s going on here ? I’ve seen some post of ppl using opk for pregnancy test could it be detecting some hcg ?