Having more babies? 😬😳

I wanted to get others opinions .

I’m 22, my SO is 25. We currently have an 8m old daughter , we just closed on our second house , both work, both have vehicles, bills are always paid on time . ( I may have slipped once or twice in the last three years but we managed.)

My SO just got a raise at his job, a pretty decent one too.

So financially we’re sitting pretty , alright .

Recently SO has brought up that he would like to have more kids with me , and I would like this too, but I’m back on forth on *when* … when would be the right time.

I’m about six pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight (I am concerned about gaining 50 pounds all over again when im just now getting to be comfortable again.)

The benefits I see to it is; My daughter will have a sibling/friend close in age, and if we have another one sooner , I won’t be having a toddler/child later in life while also changing diapers again.! 😅 and also BF! I want to exclusively breast feed if I have another child, and maybe if my daughter is still young enough to could benefit from it also! I was discouraged from the very beginning with my daughter and had zero guidance on BF .

Downside ; my sanity , and possible judgement from family members. And also, growing distant from each other .. I remember the first couple weeks home with my daughter were ROUGH, we weren’t fighting or anything . I just felt so alone . I never woke my SO up to help take care of the baby because he worked from 7am-5pm so at 1am, I’d be crying while feeding the baby, while watching him sleep, just wishing I could be asleep too.

I don’t know … does anyone have babies close in age? Pro’s and con’s ?