Is it normal ?


Okay so me and my fiancée were having some fun recently and he was fingering me all fine and good when he stopped I had some pretty severe cramping so we stopped, it subsided and I decided to go ahead on sex, when it was all done he come to me and his penis is covered in blood and my underwear was soaked all the way through with dark red blood, we went to ER and I got an ultrasound done (found out I am only 6 weeks and heard heartbeat for the first time) and blood work and received RhoGAM because I have -O blood type to protect baby from my blood, the diagnosis on paper is threatened miscarriage. I am very worried about having a miscarriage. We came home and the bleeding was seeming to slow up a bit but still red in color. I am now at work and my pad has some light brownish reddish spotting more then I would like tho ( I haven’t filled up the pad I’ve had the same one on since I got dressed this morning) i haven’t had anymore cramping since those cramps right before having sex. I am just very worried that those cramps were the start of it. I am supposed to go for my first scheduled ob appointment on the 5th of august I’m bringing all the paperwork with me but I thought id ask some experienced mommies or just for some opinions, at this point there is nothing I can do but wait for ob.