I just need to vent


I have a almost 4 month old and a 2 year old. My husband makes decent money. I have always been a stay at home wife and mom. He has now been pushing me to go back to work after 7 years. Our agreement was for me not to till the children are in school. Financially we can make it work. We have no debt but our home.

I wanted to go back to school at some point but would need help with the kids. Or I could work 3rd shift somewhere but then I'd be home with the kids all day I wouldn't ever sleep. My husband doesn't do anything for our home and has never woken with our children. I am so exhausted as it is. My youngest is in sleep regression right now. My husband also plays hard with sports and friends.

He will say things like well then I'm going to have to work on Friday's then. He works 12 hour shifts so he hates working Friday's. I'm just not sure what else he wants from me. I can't take courses and care for two kids under two with no sleep. I also don't understand why he would push me to work third shift and be home with our kids during the day. Daycare where we are is too expensive and I wouldn't make enough.

I am burnt out and I feel as though he is expecting more from me then I can give. He lays this all on me tonight with the 4th night of no sleep and he's leaving for for weekend for a fun trip. I'm actually repulsed by him right now.