Due August 1st


So I’m supposed be due this Sunday, I haven’t seen an OBGYN since I was about 5 months pregnant, I missed an appointment and they said due to that they canceled my services. Not sure why and when I called to try and be seen again they told me they wouldn’t reinstate my services and would be happy to see me after my pregnancy 😓 I tried calling other OBs but just was never able to get in and see one. Either I was too far along or they weren’t accepting new patients so like I said I haven’t been seen in about 4 months. I feel as tho I’m going to go over my due date (which I don’t want to I’m miserable) what should I do? Wait it out and just go to the hospital when I feel that I’m in labor? Or do I try to go in on my due date and explain that my hips hurt and things like that and want to make sure baby is okay? Really lost and ready to not be pregnant 😭 so please any suggestions would help!