Nursery/ childcare

Rach • Mum to two beautiful girls 2&0 🥰💗

Currently in process of settling in my 9 month old into nursery as I’ve go to return to work next month. So far she is crying hysterically going in, and coming back. She apparently settles once she’s in and I’m gone maybe after 5 mins but after an hour she’ll start crying again because I’m not there. Anyone got any experience with nursery/childcare and good outcomes? Right now I’m so disheartened 😞 I know it takes time to settle but this is such a shit time and just want to skip to the part she is happy having fun with other kids. 😣

I literally have no option but to work. I can’t afford to be a sahm (as much as I’d love it!) And I am entitled to nothing in regards to benefits because my husband works. Figures!