TTC but boyfriend has low sex drive


Has anyone else managed to conceive in these situations? I'm just starting my 7th cycle, but my boyfriend's libido is pretty low. We're averaging about once a week, which I have read is normal, but this comes in bursts, so we might have sex 2/3 times in 1/2 days, then nothing for a couple weeks. Even when I'm ovulating he just says he's "not in the mood" or that he's "too tired".

It's not that he doesn't want kids because it was actually him that initiated the whole thing - when we got together a few years ago he said on the second date that he's putting his cards on the table that he wants kids someday and if I don't then we won't be a long term thing.

Has anyone else had this situation and managed to conceive? I keep seeing others' charts and seeing people having sex most days, maybe 15-20 times a month and I'm sitting here with maybe 4 at best. I just know that if we still haven't conceived after 12 cycles the doctor will just tell us to have sex more often before referring us so I'm feeling so hopeless just now 😞