I really want your opinion

So, I have been slowly seeing this guy that I previously dated for a few months about two years ago. He is 7 years older than me. In his 40s. Long story short... He was going out of town for a few weeks and asked me if I would come see him the night before he left. I told him yes, but that I already had plans with my friends that had been set in place for a few weeks. He asked me about what time I could be over and I gave him a reasonable time. Well, this night came and I ended up leaving my friends house an hour late because I felt bad about leaving after she went to all the work of setting up and hosting such a fun night with all of our friends. I had been in communication with my guy friend about my feelings and that I had not left yet. Once I left, I called him and he started an argument with me about how I didn't stick to the time I told him. He had no understanding that I had done my best to make time for him and still left my friends house to come see him... Just an hour later than I told him. Is this manipulative? Controlling? Not too mention he threw out the "maybe we should just end this now" card if I couldn't stick to my plans. I thought this was completely unreasonable and a shitty thing to do. I felt like he made himself the center of attention here. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!!