Vfl? Edited to enhance the colors 😬

*Not TTC*

I’m only on CD 23 but I’ve been so incredibly nauseous, my stomach is so sensitive and I keep feeling a tightening. About to celebrate my sons first birthday and I can’t figure out why I’m so nauseous. It’s not just a little, too. Im running to the bathroom all day thinking I’m going to get sick. No other symptoms other than my uterus feeling tight and I’m so bloated. I’ve been incredibly emotional. Thinking I might have PMDD on top of everything. My mood swings are so bad when I’m pmsing. Has anyone had anything like this. I don’t this this is positive. I just can’t imagine this being PMS symptoms… it’s so bad. I was never this nauseous my entire pregnancy last year. 😩

My bloat is so bad and I have absolutely no energy. Again, this has been everyday for the last four days. I’m so paranoid something is wrong with me for how nauseous I am. I can’t do anything without wanting to get sick. Smells are KILLING ME TOO. Why does it feel like I’m so pregnant? 😩😩 any idea If PMS could really be this bad?

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