At what point do you give up..

On your marriage. I’m struggling. I always feel alone. Feel like a single parent. I’d rather be alone than have him here, which he rarely is ever here. He works but that’s all he does. He’s an alcoholic. He’s verbally and physically abused me. My son has witnessed so much. I always try to work things out in the end but I’m not sure how much more I can take. His family condones his behavior. I’m a SAHM which makes it even harder. I know he’ll never change. I fear my son growing older continuing to see the same cycle. He’s been telling people “dads drunk again and mommy cries.” It breaks my heart. Instead of talking things out he avoids me. I’ve begged him to get help. Nothing ever changes. I’m losing my happiness. It goes beyond addiction, he’s just proved over and over how much he truly doesn’t care and disrespects me. I do everything for our house, make sure bills are paid, groceries, take care of our son 24/7.. I’m growing so exhausted.