Feel like a bad mom- post update

So if you didn't see my other post, my mother in law took my 3yo son on Tuesday for 2 nights. He was crying and didn't want to go when she got here and my husband told me the night before if he would act like that we wouldn't make him go, well my husband and in law forced him into going and he was crying and yelling for me. Then my mother in law started ignoring me, I ended up texting her again (after calling) and said "I want to know how MY son is doing?" And she responded saying how he was good and claimed as soon as I closed the door for the house to come in that he immediately stopped crying and was fine. (I know thats BS because my son NEVER calms down that fast).

So anyway, I wasnt able to get ahold of my therapist and called my mom, and she was telling me not to freak out to just bite my tongue with my mother in law until I talked to my therapist. So this was really fucking hard. My mother in law came Thursday to drop him off. And as soon as she walks in the door this bitch says "So me and Ed (FIL) have decided we're going to take him for 2 nights every month to get him over being so clingy to you" FUCKING EXCUSE YOU???? Guys, I fucking struggled to not freak the fuck out on her. I just looked at her and said "he's not clingy, he's a child going through a stage where he just wants to be around me, just like any other child" and this bitch tried arguing with me over it. I just let her talk the shit and let it go. When my husband woke up I walked in and said "your mother and dad decided they're going to take our son once a month for 2 nights" and he looked at me and said "fuck no they're not. Who are they to decide what the fuck happens with him". He said he's going to talk to her about it but he saw her yesterday and said since she didn't bring it up he didn't say anything. I told him either he talk to her about it or I would and that it wouldn't be pretty.

I don't see my therapist until the 9th of this month and I'm struggling guys. I'm still so pissed and really starting to hate these 2.

Edit to add- So the one comment reminded me of this. I'm NOT trying to imply anything but sometimes minds do wonder but, my son likes being "tickled" (scratching his back, arms, legs, etc). After the in law left I went and sat on the couch with him, he wanted tickled, so I was doing his back (he'll grab my hand or point to where he wants tickled) and after a minute, he grabbed my hand and opened up the top of his pants and shoved my hand down. That threw me off because he has never done this, he always rolls up his pant legs and he was in shorts. I pulled my hand out and said "no, we don't do that" and he grabbed my hand and shoved it down his pants again more aggressively, I pulled my hand out and said "no! Nobody hands go down there" and he looked at me confused and then let me tickle his back again. He did it 3 times that day. He hasn't tried again since so I have no clue what that was about. I'm not trying to say they 100% are doing stuff to him but I'm very uneasy right now and don't know how to handle this.