I need some blunt real advice because I’m stuck in this situation.

So about three years ago I left a job I loved for a job under my family’s name. Seemed great until 1 year down the road. I’m working every single day. Every weekend while other employees have a good rotation. We don’t have any breaks. Most shifts are 11-12 hour shifts. It’s in a dispo so it’s not a hard working job. It’s In Oklahoma. I was told we don’t have to have a break in Oklahoma. But every job i’ve had has given me a break. So idk. But any time I speak up about my problems I get told “You’re family I expect more out of you” Any time I want to cut my hours and work part time “You’re family I expect you to work full time and be able to run this place” i’m 22 years old I don’t think I’ll be running the store anytime soon. The owners are not even old so it’ll years down the road. I’m always working and I know that’s what life is. But I get no break,I work almost every day and any time I want to not work bc someone wants to shift change. Any problem of mine I get told “You’re family this is yours i expect more out of you” or that “You’re young you have no kids you need to be working all the time” It got to the point where I wasn’t even happy in general and I was so burnt out i did nothing with my life. I’m still like that but I’m getting better. They pay me really good and finally after three years gave me vacation pay. But I just genuinely don’t want to let my dad down by saying I want this and this.

Working isn’t supposed to be fun. But it’s also not supposed to drain you mentally. Idk. I just need some advice. Idk what to do. I feel like I’m wasting my life.