Being cheated on, venting.

I seriously just want to have my baby and get my life together. I feel so stupid and idiotic and I have no one to talk to. I just wish I could go back with my mom but doing that would mean admitting that she was right and that my relationship went to shit exactly how she said it would and all I got out of it was another kid. I hate that I allowed myself to be put in this situation, I hate that my son will be another child with a broken home. I’m constantly being cheated on while being pregnant. In my first trimester I tested positive for chlamydia and it was so embarrassing and hurtful. Nothing has changed. I feel like I’m just hurting my baby dragging this along and thinking that I can make this work when clearly I can’t.

Update: I’ve decided to talk to my mom and move back in tomorrow. I am a day shy from 31 weeks. Thankfully I already have everything I need for the baby and I should be fine until I return back to work.