2 year old/tonsillectomy

My son was referred to an ENT to check his tonsils and adenoids. He’s always been a mouth breather, so that’s originally what got us to check into it. His dad and I both have enlarged tonsils, so every time there is slight irritation in our throats, it’s miserable. The ENT said he definitely has enlarged tonsils, and could possibly have sleep apnea since he wakes up coughing sometimes at night. He recommended that we give him Flonase and Claritin for a little bit to see if that helped, and if it didn’t then he recommended that they remove the tonsils, adenoids, and put tubes in his ears because he has fluid. I know it’s probably best that we do it, but I’m terrified to have him put under.

Does anyone have any experience with their toddlers and this surgery?