Should he be made over this?

I run a business from home. I sleep while my children are at school. I only have a few hours between the time I wake just before I pick them up from school and before I have to start working. I took them (my son and daughter) with me to the grocery store but this time we went to an Asian market. I bought a bunch of stuff but specifically bought some expensive ass halibut for my husband and other white fish because the doctor says his cholesterol is high. I was beginning to run short on time so I was hurrying. The kids wanted to go to the Asian food court and I said great now I won’t need to cook for them, just the fish which is quick for my husband. I hurried back home and my husband pitched a fit because I “stopped” and got the kids prepared food but didn’t get him any. He doesn’t even eat any type of Asian food and I told him I got him halibut. He hasn’t spoken to me in nearly a WEEK! I’m getting sick of this kind of crap. I was busting my ass trying to get back home in time to work. I’m stressed tf out. Y’all I was hot and sweaty (live in Las Vegas) and trying to hurry made it worse. Besides I figured I can cook him a meal in between working but that wasn’t good enough since I didn’t think to get him a bunch of Asian food to be that he NEVER has eaten in the 16 years we’ve been married.

He also had been complaining that I could make him lunch for work to help him out but I just don’t. I work, covering hospital pharmacies remotely after they close so I work all night long until morning. When I’m done working I get my kids up and get them off to school. Admittedly I have forgotten about making his lunches some days or I make it, he doesn’t like it, and leaves it in the refrigerator and just buys his lunch at work. I feel freaking frustrated and run tf down. I sometimes feel like I need a sister-wife.