He left us

Hello, I am so confused with what to think or do. My SO and I had some misunderstanding about him spending no time with us (me and daughter). He packed all his clothes and left. It has been three weeks and I have not heard from him. He changed all his passwords for emails and bank accounts. I asked him for some money to take care of us and he stated that he didn’t have any however, yesterday I got his bank statement in the mail which shows that he is sending money to his mom and siblings and he definitely has some money to take care of his child. I am planning to move out of our current place and find a place that I can afford without his support. I am devastated for my daughter that her life has to change because of our conflict. I am not sure what to do. Any advise will be appreciated. Thank you

UPDATE: One of our friends called SO to ask why he left. Apparently SO told the friend that he wants me to learn how difficult it is to pay bills and that he will return in three weeks. That if I am still upset that he left, he will spend another month away. That he rented a place and will return when the tension between us is over. I don’t know what to think.