**tmi in post*** 30 weeks!

I'm going to blunt about pregnancy and to the point, few days ago I had a hemorrhoid pop, yes pop and its been bleeding every since. Let me.just say holy shizzzz!!!! And yes I've been blessed with these demon bubbles of hell. I was seen by my ob and she looked at it, she said that it would require surgery to be removed but I told her its going down and I could use prep H or witch hazel pads. I've been using witch hazel, im terrified it won't go away. I'm considered a high risk pregnancy so I'm not doing any surgery while pregnant with this baby...on top of that my back is beyond killing me to the point I can't move around with the pain of my a$$ with it. I have little kids at home do take care of as well so I can't lay around sadly. Has anyone had any similar situations like this? I'm scared the pain won't stop and it won't go down....my husband is no help at all he don't understand how I feel and his solution is for my to just lay down, at least he takes over the kids but I'm exhausted and hurt.