Sex with ex


My and ex, have been together for 9 years, with several breaks and comebacks. He is not the father of my child. I finally broke up with him 2 years ago. He was great at sex and a wonderful eater of me, but at the same time a narcissistic egoist, sometimes nutty and in general an asshole. But after breaking up with him, we to some extent maintained business relations, since we had joint social projects. In October last year (I had already met with my husband for 2 months, there were 2 weeks left before the engagement), I went to my ex to work on a project. After finishing adjusting the project, just as I was about to leave, he hugged me in the hallway and made a long kiss on the lips. I didnt understand how it happened, but I began to answer him. Then I turned on and stayed with him for several hours. Immediately after that, I was very ashamed of my act. But the engagement and wedding erased those worries. P.S. After that, I never met my ex again.