Need advice.....I know I should leave

I made a post yesterday about my bf acting strange (only messaging me 2x a day, not answering my calls, and when he does it's rushing me to speak)

Well I decided to ignore him back not answering his calls or messages and he got mad. He sent a msg this morning if I am going to keep on ignoring him. I called him and said I'm not going to keep doing this where he only contacts me 2x a day and the rest of the day goes ghost. He said he's busy that's why he doesn't answer. I responded "yeah busy with your friends" and he told me "and!? That's not your problem. You're not my wife!" He was previously married ans divorced so that comment hurt deep.

He proceeded to say "you're too grown to be acting like this. You already know what you're doing"

I dont feel like I am childish or asking for too much to atleast have my msg answered or phone call answered. He has all the time in the world for his friends and to see them, writes back to them constantly throughout the day...

But to me he doesn't have time. My calls bother him and he seems to busy to even open my msgs when he gets online..

I told him I don't want to be in this relationship because I feel alone and want to break up. That's it. He says that's overboard being dramatic.

He refuses to listen to what's bothering me