Can Someone possibly tell me what’s going on

Okay so I want to start this off by saying I understand that this might sound ridiculous but I’m completely alone and I have no one to ask about this stuff! I really just wanna get some different possibilities on what’s going on. The people on here are my only hope rn! I do have a doctors appointment scheduled for September 15th (the soonest I could get in) so I wanna see if there’s something I can do until then.

So to begin with I had unprotected sex on July 28th which was the day after I finished ovulating and he pulled out. My period was supposed to come on the 9th and so far it’s been 11 days late. I haven’t had any pregnancy symptoms but I also haven’t taken a test yet. I just found out today that this partner tested positive for chlamydia (Lucky me right!!) which I’ve had no synonyms from. So the reason of this post is I’m 90% sure I’m pregnant and last night I was spotting, it was like a very light brown but I know that’s a pregnancy symptom so I wasn’t too concerned. But about 30 minutes ago I went to the bathroom and noticed I’m bleeding. It’s not too heavy and it’s like I’ve started my period. I also started cramping lightly. So I’m not sure if this is just my period starting or a miscarriage. I was googling and I saw that bleeding is also a symptom for chlamydia, so is the bleeding possibly from that. Does anyone have any advice on what’s going on and possibly my next step until my doctors appointment?? I understand my wrong in this whole situation and I definitely have learned from this. So please if you’re not going to give me actual advice, just take this post as a chuckle or a learning lesson and move on. If you are willing to help me out or give me advice, you don’t understand how thankful I am for you right now!! Thank you all!!