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I am going through a miscarriage I am 7 weeks it’s started last Friday and I have been bleeding like a period passing some clots, but not to big, but now my bleeding has almost stopped.My question is I am worried that I have not passed everything I know I have not passed the sac, at least I don’t think I have.Now I am worried everything is not out and I can get an infection and my doctor I have not talked to since Wednesday said go to the er if I bleed through a pad an hour or have bad cramping.I called today to tell them I was worried about this and I talk to the receptionist because I can’t get ahold of the doctor a course and all she said is we will see you Tuesday for your hcg and ultrasound.That’s 4 days away and I hope I am fine until then.I won’t be using these doctors again, because they are bad about communication and never explain things.