Idk what to do 😔

I am 22 and 8 weeks pregnant. I still live with my mom but spend a lot of nights really living with my boyfriend. I told my mom and older sisters that I am pregnant and they haven’t took it well at all. My oldest sister is 42 so we are about 20 years apart so she basically helped raised me and been like a second mom. Me and my bf decided to keep the baby but I feel so alone .. my family doesn’t want me to have a baby but his family is so supportive. It’s sucks because I feel I suffer from depression and anxiety and I feel sad all the time now that I don’t have their support. I keep thinking about having an abortion now because I don’t wanna feel alone anymore. I haven’t been taking my anxiety or depression medicine because I am pregnant so it’s been hard. Idk what to do they keep telling me I am ruining my life and I will never live happy again after I have a child.