How do I let go of Toxic things

I am 23 weeks pregnant with a 15 month old. My first child’s father passed away and I have been dealing with my second child’s father but it is very toxic and I kicked him out again today. I cannot stand him and I was trying to love him but I just can’t. He forces us to be together. He got caught calling other girls pretty and told me I was being over dramatic and that it was only flirting. That hurt me so bad and he wanted me to just forgive him and it’s not that simple nor easy. I never did that to him. I tell him how I feel and he ends up going off o me every time and I get scared that he will hurt me just like today before he got kicked out. He called me delusional, crazy and so many other things because I had my taser while he was fussing with me in front of my son and I kept saying stop. There was an instance where i had to pull the car over because he was going off on me and I got out the car and we were on the side of the road he was all in my face pushing me and stuff. It’s gotten to the point where I wish he would have never entered into my life. The only good thing that came out of all this was my unborn son. Other than that I’m sick and tired I don’t want him anymore nor do I want anything to do with him. Please someone help me with some advice on how to get out of this toxic cycle . So far I have blocked him but I have done that several times before. I don’t know how to just let go.