Hello Ladies! In need of some advice below!

So for awhile now I’ve been unhappy with my job. It’s a family business and I just feel very left out. I never get invited to crew events they go to. I’ve worked here since day 1 and no one has invited me to anything but I’ve watched people who have worked there less than me go to multiple trips. They work me all the time. No breaks. One time worked me 8 nights in a row. Granted it’s not a hard labor job but you still need some kind of break. I’m 22 and Ive considered to stay home while my boyfriend who has a hard working job and do everything around the house. While he pays for everything. But the risks of quitting the job is not inheriting when the owners (my dad and uncle) pass away which could be YEARS. My whole entire family has been trying to convince me to not do that to stay employed and not do what I want in my life. Which really sucks but it stems from them always having to work hard because they’ve had tough times and they want me to make sure I’m taking care of. I’m genuinely burnt out on this job. And how I get treated. I thought being the owners daughter I’d get some kind of treatment but really I’m below everyone else. I haven’t done anything because I’m a people pleaser and I want to make everyone happy. But it’s seriously impacted me and my relationship. We never do anything sexual or in general. Because we have the opposite schedules and I’m too tired to want to do anything. I’m just genuinely stuck and I want to quit.

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