Can you get pregnant on the implant


Background information to begin with

I’m 25 years old

I had the implant in on the 1st June 2021 and that when I could conceived

I have endometriosis

And I had an emergency c section with my previous pregnancy back in 2018

I have been experiencing migraines and lower abdomen cramps and I suffered in my previous pregnancy with hyperemesis which I think seemed to make an appearance again the smell of food literally knocks me physically sick let alone eating it. In my previous pregnancy I never once got a positive pregnancy test and he’s now two years old lol

Im currently experiencing hyperemesis , lower back pain and lower tummy cramps im tired all the time and my migraines have made a appearance which only happens when im pregnant

I’ve had 4 previous miscarriage in the past so this baby if im pregnant then this baby would be a blessing granted unplanned but a blessing

Has anyone else experiencing this ????