I can’t believe this.. he cheated on me.


Hi everyone I am 20 years old and I was dating this guy for 6 years. We would fight a lot in our relationship but he was always quick to break up all the time once we hit our 2 year mark everything started to change. I suffered from depression and now looking back I was miserable from it. When he broke up with me ( 5 months ago) I was heartbroken and I was begging him to try it again with me but he just told me he doesn’t wanna be in a relationship ever again. So I respected his decision because I truly loved him. He never gave me a real reason for the break up and for these past 5 months I’ve been traumatized, I stayed up wondering where I went wrong, why am I so easy to leave. Until I found out he’s been cheating during our whole relationship and he’s in a new relationship now. I feel so hurt he would even be desperate to ask for other girls to hook up. I don’t know how long this has been going on. But I feel like now I wanna get tested for any sexual diseases or infections. Anyways seeing all of this really opened my eyes. I feel a little more free that I found out the answers for myself instead of wondering where I went wrong. What do you guys think.