I'm going to DIE!!!!

There's this guy at my job I have the biggest crush on. I only see him during because he work in a different department. He's typically very shy but we've had a few conversations. He mainly listens to me talk. But from what little he does say, hes in college for music. He plays the cello. He likes to cook and scrap book. I've been wanting to ask him out but I may have just ruined my chances. I found him on Facebook and went scrolling through. I found out things I didn't even really know about him, like he survived prostate cancer at such a young age. That be snow boards and other stuff... I was scrolling forever... Then I fucked up... I ACCIDENTALLY LIKED A PICTURE FROM 6 YEARS AGO!!! I have to see him tomorrow. He's gonna think I'm a STALKER!!! And it was a picture from when he was a minor too!