Constantly telling me to look like other woman

Whether it's my weight, hair color, skin color, eye bags, nails, etc.... there's always something about me he doesn't like and wants me to work on

This is so random but he has spoken about undocumented people he knows constantly getting with Caucasian people and how they're so lucky and he hasn't had that luck. I am a woman of color so that comment rubs me off the wrong way . Everybody has they're own taste. To each their own. But if you know what kind of woman you want and I am not why continue with this farce?

I dont feel right with my partner constantly telling to be like other woman. In this msg he send me a tiktok about a Mexican getting with a white lady and continues to tell me I should die my hair blonde

Everything added up togethor is what caused me to explode. I just had a miscarriage (which he didn't really care about) 2 days ago so to be talking bullshit so early? He's so inconsiderate