Having such a hard time


I just need to vent a little.

I’ve had a very difficult pregnancy so far. I’m 29 weeks and 4 days now, due November 2nd.

Currently hospitalized for the second time this month. Was hospitalized last Tuesday and discharged Monday because my cervix suddenly dilated.

Went into L&D on Thursday for some light contractions and losing part of my mucus plug. And now it seems I’ll be here until little one makes his appearance. 😢

My husband has been here with me but got sent away because he had the sniffles (from the air vents) went and got a covid test and came back the next day just for them to say no more visitors allowed if I’m not in active labor.

So not only am I stuck in the hospital for up to 4 more weeks but I don’t get to see my husband or have any support person with me. I’ve been strong this whole time but this is my breaking point.