20 weeks !!!!

I wasn’t going to have a baby shower due to the virus out but this my first one and my mom and oldest brother want to do one or at least a dinner with a few people I been saving n spending the extra money I have on getting clothing ,pampers and wipes I’m been looking for cribs and car seats but been out of luck I know I should of made that purchase first and I hate I didn’t but I will not beat myself up about it the next purchase I do will be the car seat and crib i already have a mind set don’t expect anyone to buy things off a baby registry if they bring some to the dinner be happy( I don’t really expect anything ) I use to seeing mostly pampers wipes and clothing being given.

I want to take maternity pics that’s n the budget of ($250-$400with 2 looks or one look

Similar to the ones below ( didn’t want to spend much on the clothing for pictures)

My questions

What are some good dinner spots ?

What is the maximum amount you spent on maternity pics ?