Possible Covid and breastfeeding ?

starr • February 2021 💓

So I recently got sick and now lost my taste and smell so I decided to get tested for Covid. Results won’t be back until 1-2 days but I am a breastfeeding mother so if it comes back positive how exactly does it work with my daughter? Do I have to have someone else watch her and pump&bottle feed her , if I pump&bottle feed her is that even safe for her ?? The only thing is she has been breastfed since birth so almost 6 months so not sure if she’d even take a bottle at this point. Please any info on this is appreciated! Again I have not received my results but I do have a few of the symptoms so just want to get ahead of it if I do. Thank you !

Also not sure what group this falls under so if it’s the wrong group please let me know !