I Texted His 1st BabyMama

First off, I’m 13 weeks pregnant with this mans baby. He has no connection with his first son.. has told me stories multiple times about how she wouldn’t let him his child and me as a woman. Never believe that for a bit first hand. However, he told me some stuff about his past but a lot of things weren’t adding up. He can’t keep a damn job, he wants to drink all the time and smoke weed. I started noticing him being more distant at first I’m like he’s definitely cheating.. I caught him. Then, he stopped showing those signs of cheating and now showing signs of doing drugs. He started getting disrespectful and verbally abusive. Then he started throwing things at me and telling me what I “BETTER” do. Even for the smallest shit. So now, this is where it gets crazier. I had anticipated on reaching out to babymama from the get go because I wanted to know the truth and I want my child to know their siblings.. turns out she’s A-MAZING! Well we slowly started talking and stories he told me that weren’t adding up.. started adding up from her truth. So now here we are, I find out he has a child abuse charge and multiple charges on his background. I do my research.. he indeed has FIVE PAGES LONG of charges. I tell him and he GOES COMPLETELY PSYCO. He tells me he doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore because I reached out to her. He said he’ll pay child support but doesn’t want to be involved. Am I wrong for reaching out? Am I wrong for digging for the truth? I deserve to know who the ACTUAL F*** I chose to have a baby with. He held these lies for years. And now that I’m pregnant.. it’s like he got comfortable to start being the true self he was hiding all along. I just want to make sure I’m not wrong for wanting to know. I’m not a “sneaky bitch” like he says. I wanted the truth and I got it. Because I refused to ask a liar to lie to me AGAIN. Smh