My gender reveal game was so fun!!! πŸ₯š


We didn't have a party or anything. We gave my SIL the envelope with the gender info. We had mentioned we kinda wanted to find out in a fun way this time. My husband and I just listened to a voice-mail with our first baby (son). She offered to come up with something for us.

So she and my brother came over this evening for a BBQ, then after she had a game prepared for us. It was "egg roulette".

There was a dozen eggs, 11 hard boiled and 1 raw (revealing the true gender); 6 dyed blue πŸ’™ , 6 dyed pink πŸ’—. We each took turns smashing an egg on each others forehead, it was silly and super fun! We got about halfway through and I smashed a raw PINK egg on my husband's forehead! I was so shocked!! I thought the tech had let it slip Friday that it was a boy. He said "oh he's giving you a punch". But anyways it was a great surprise to find out we're having a daughter!! I'm so thrilled. We got a wonderful video to share with family instead of just telling ppl, and a great memory!!

If you are ever tasked with a gender reveal game, I highly recommend planning this for a friend or family member!! We were both laughing the whole time doing the egg smashing πŸ₯š πŸ₯š πŸ₯š 🐣