I need some opinions and advice


I live in apartment and all the people that live in an apartment share a common area to walk our dogs a back area and a big yard in the front, now in my City we have no off leash law and in our apartment lease agreement it states that the premises also follows no off leash for dogs. well I have a neighbor who has continuously let his dogs run off the leash and they are very nice dogs but my dogs don’t do so well with a stranger dogs that they have never met so I’ve asked him nicely to please place the dogs on a leash and he refused to which is his right I understand but I contacted the apartments and asked him if they could put out an email to everyone just to remind them to pick up after their pet and about the leash rule well since then she has only been walking them in the morning so no one sees them off leash and he’s only been letting them go in the back but now, he still isn’t picking up after them so there’s dog crap everywhere in the grass my new neighbor who has only lived here for three weeks has told me that she has stepped in poop at least six times while living here so am I in the wrong for wanting to call the apartments with proof that he isn’t picking up or leashing his dogs ? does that make me a Karen because I’m really trying not to be ☹️