Dear Lord Ladies HELP!!!

Ugh I need some help. I’m constipated beyond belief. For three/four days I haven’t been able to poop. I’m finally pooping little by little today (clearly still constipated though) and I’m starting to get that stomach pain you get when you’re about to have diarrhea. Problem is, diarrhea just won’t come so the pain doesn’t go away. I’m in a loop of constant cramps and constipation!!!! I’ll sit on the toilet for 30+ minutes and all I get is a sad pathetic pebble but I know my butt wants to explode! I’m scared for the shittening that will eventually echo throughout my house. I’d honestly just take the diarrhea at this point because then I’d have some relief! Any advice on how to move things along? I’m drinking my weight in water. Trying to eat fibery foods but with no poop coming out, eating isn’t something my body wants to do. Help! 😭😭😭

I’m 32 weeks pregnant btw so something pregnancy safe!