I have came to the conclusion


Cycle day 16, and still nothing. Opks keep getting darker then fading again and not a positive in sight. Predicted ovulation day keeps changing it seems (or I just don't pay attention)

Unless I've missed it in some way I have came to the conclusion that it's not happening this cycle. I'm a littldiscouraged.

2 days ago I had light brown spotting mixed with EWCM and that evening I had a string of bright red mixed with EWCM after I had a sharp pain in my right side. Tests were negative and still are. I don't know if I should ASSUME I ovulated despite the tests and wait 2 weeks then test (even though there is no point at all I don't think) or if I should let it go and wait for my period 😩

Month 1 of TTC #2 is already off to a rocky start