Am I pregnant or is this just plan b side effects? Opinions?

E • 21 • Baby boy due 4/4/19 💙

So I had unprotected sex on July 30th and august 1st. Then again on august 15th. I was expecting my period on the 18th and I know it’s a very low chance of getting pregnant from the 15th but I got nervous so I took a plan b just to be safe. Little did I know, a day later I looked at my <a href="">period app</a> and realized my ovulation cycle began on July 30th. My period is now 6 days late. I’m wondering if it’s just the plan b maybe delaying my period or if I could have got pregnant from the either July 30th or the 1st. On august 1st I even remember my boyfriend saying I almost didn’t make it this time when he pulled out. I know no ones a doctor here lol I’m just asking for opinions on what you think is more probable or similar experiences and how yours turned out. Is it too early for a test ?