So this cycle I got my period for 9 days. Nothing abnormal about the amount of bleeding or symptoms. I started <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> on cycle day 7 (idk why I just did) and I did miss a day or two but it didn't matter where I just came off my period and I knew it'd be negative anyway.

Below are my manually input opk results. They go from light to darker but back to light

I have not gotten a single positive yet and I'm on CD 16. My predicted ovulation was today but GLOW Changed it (but I'm not going by the app anyway). On CD 14 I had light brown spotting once and it was mixed with EWCM. Later that day I had a very sharp right sided pain followed by EWCM and a string of red blood.

I had symptoms of typical ovulation like nausea, sore and swollen breasts, headaches, etc. Up until CD 14 and on CD 15 it all stopped and my tests are negative. I don't know if I missed the surge where I didnt test at the same times each day, but I had sex every day of my fertile week (so If i did ovulate I think I'm good). I am feeling discouraged. The cycle I conceived my son i had ovulation pain on my left side in my back but no spotting (but your body changes after a baby). I don't know if I should ASSUME based on my symptoms that I ovulated on CD 14 regardless of the negative OPKs

It's very discouraging. Today I have creamy cm (which I know happens after your fertile window is closed) and I had the EWCM on CD 14 as well