Gift it forward! The Jan '2021 Babies Edition ❤


Hello all Glow Mamas!

This post is inspired by the original "Gift it forward" topic created by a Glow Mama named Sarah to help more moms get their baby registry items purchased. (Which has been tough given how COVID has impacted many of our daily lives.) 

The way it works is similar to the ice bucket challenge that started on FB a while ago.

STEP 1 → Post your baby registry or baby wishlist in the comment below, and we (Glow) will buy a Glow Premium subscription or some other gift in your registry/wishlist (for a total value of around $20).

STEP 2 → If you received a gift, we'll comment on your link.

STEP 3 → You then have to find someone else's registry/wishlist in the comments and buy something under $20 for them.

Since everyone's babies in this group are born on the same month, consider this as buying a gift for your baby's Glow sisters/brothers!

And hopefully, with this, more moms will have their whole registry/wishlist purchased!! 😊

Ready? Set? GOOOO!



1. If you decide to buy a gift for someone, please make sure you ADD ORDER NUMBER of the product you purchased!

2. If you received a notification that you've received a gift, don't feel obligated to forward a gift until you've received an order number or the physical gift from the gifter.

3. If you've decided to participate, you're agreeing to the Community Gifting Rules. Breaking the rules may result in suspension or banning from the Glow Community.

Let's keep this positive and continue to gift it forward everyone!