I have to meet my needs too, right?

My husband works in finance, so this is a really hectic time of year for him. On top of that, he hasn’t had a day off in weeks. We were supposed to take a vacation last month, but it got canceled due to our infant being hospitalized. We are both running on E.

He works so hard. Between his day job, his side hustle, the military, and around the house. So I really try not to bother him about helping with the house or kids. He helps out on his own, but I try not to to ask for extra. I’m a SAHM, and I don’t mind having the kids and home be my responsibility.

However. Something I have beef with is this: I can’t seem to ever get to the doctor or anything.

He gets really annoyed if I ask to go to the store alone or get my eyebrows waxed or something. Fine. Those aren’t necessities. BUT, he gets annoyed about doctor’s appointments too.

I took both my kids with me when I went to see my PCP for chronic sinus infections. I never had a sinus infection before, and now I ALWAYS have one and they are debilitating. I’m used to taking my kids everywhere, so it’s no big deal.

However, the doctor ordered a CT and bloodwork. I can’t take my kids to either of these appointments. Both should be relatively quick.

My husband is bad because the CT got scheduled for his scheduled day off. I thought it was ideal, but he said he would rather use leave on Tuesday or Wednesday. I tried to reschedule, but they had nothing available. I told him I can just get the CT Monday and then he can use a little leave so I can go get the bloodwork, since he didn’t want me to be gone too long doing both.

He flipped out. Saying it’s not a good time of year for him to take off, etc, he’s not wrong. I asked what time and day worked for him...he told me after vacation. My doctor asked me to do this stuff as soon as possible. I was very annoyed. I felt like he wasn’t prioritizing my health. He’s been away BOTH times I have had these infections and he hasn’t seen how miserable it is.

I can get blood drawn after he gets home one day, but he doesn’t like that either. He doesn’t like to do anything once he gets home. I get it, he’s exhausted.

We don’t have a village to help with the kids. And honestly, I don’t feel like I should have to ask a friend to step up when my husband won’t. 🤦‍♀️

He doesn’t get it. It’s so easy for him. If he wants a hair cut...he goes and gets one. Doctors appointment? Schedule it for whenever and he goes. I don’t have that luxury.

My appointment is in two hours. Usually both kids are sleeping at thy time, but today they are off schedule. My husband is pissed because my infant is breastfed and he’s afraid I am leaving him with a grouchy and hungry baby. I told him she can have solids to hold her over. She’s old enough now. And that my appointment shouldn’t take long. He’s making me feel guilty when I already feel guilty. But it’s my freaking health. 😩🤦‍♀️