2 possible baby fathers?😭 advice?


Okay so my last period I got started on July 13 last about 4 days. I was seeing someone around that time, I saw him twice after my period. Once on the 15th I only gave him head. Then he came over on the 21-22 and for the life of my I cannot remember if we hooked up or not and neither can he 😩 I have the worst memory but if we did, he always pulls out 100%. We ended things days after… I unfortunately hooked up with someone different on July 27-28 and we had sex twice and he informed me days ago he did not pull out. I had a little bit of white/ish discharge 2 days after and wore a panty liner. I have not received my period this month and have taken 2 pregnancy tests that have shown up positive. What are you guys’ opinions? Both the guys know. The first one doesn’t think it’s his, me and my aunt really believe it’s the second one. Please please any advice/comments are welcome.