"Fergusons” 🎀🏈🏈🎀 Baby # 5 Tie Breaker 🎀🏈

Here’s our surprise baby story!! First I would like to say Hubby and I said we was done having kids, but God had a different plan. I’m 13 weeks now and 5 weeks ago I would have never guess I was pregnant. My period is so f’ed up I don’t really pay my cycle or my app-any mind. May 19th was my LMP and around June 10th I spotted old and new bleed thinking it’s just my cycle acting funny. Before I find out I was pregnant I thought something was wrong with my kidneys my side was hurting for about 2 weeks and I was scared to go to the hospital.

One day at work I was bored and something clicked in my head and said look at your app. I did and all I can do is say DAMN I’m pregnant. No test just knew it!! I call hubby and to tell him I’m pregnant, going to the store to get a pregnant test to confirm. Once I got home I took the test and guess what I was RIGHT. Hubby and I faces was priceless lol. Now I’m extra scared I tell my hubby I think the baby in my tubes because my side is still hurting. I rushed myself to the hospital Guess what baby is fine, I’m good everything is GOOD! Thank God

Now we here even through this surprise baby in my tummy wasn’t planned I’m grateful and excited to meet my SURPRISE BABY!! Everything about my pregnancy will be an surprise. So

No Gender Reveal until birth!! LOL 😂 thank u for reading

Here’s my Surprise Baby pics


MARCH 02, 2022