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Katie • Mommy of 3. A sweet girl, an angel baby, and a baby boy 🤍

We unfortunately lost our baby in July and had to have a D&C on July 20th. Our doctor gave us “the go” on august 5th due to the circumstances of the miscarriage and how I healed. We have had sex probably around 7-8 times since then unprotected. I am now 5 weeks post D&C with no period but a negative pregnancy test. I’m not entirely sure how to tell when I would have gotten my period after the D&C, I know 2-6 weeks is normal but I miscarried at 6W6D, had the D&C at 9W2D and got a negative test two weeks ago for the first time on august 10th. I woke up a little nauseous this morning and stomach cramps but I also slept HORRIBLY so I don’t know if it is just exhaustion or what exactly is going on. I know I’m being extremely impatient and maybe even a little obsessed over getting another positive. I kind of just want to get my period or a positive test, the in-between is very draining mentally. We were so excited for this little bundle of joy and to grow our family, give our first baby a sibling. Any stories or kind words are welcome. I feel like I just need to see how things worked out for other mamas.