Need help please!!! Is this normal what’s happening

So I have pcos have been trying to convince for 2 years and 9 months with no luck at all. Last December I was finally diagnosed with pcos and am currently on the waiting list for <a href="">fertility treatment</a> from the NHS to start in December. BUT this month my cycle has gone crazy weird so I never normally get positive opks when I was meant to ovulate last I had a crazy dark test so was hoping this month was the one. Then a day later after the test I started bleeding which started off light then got heavy which I assumed was my period but this was off as I normally have long cycles and this was 2weeks after my last period and I would never bleed mid cycle normally so this seemed really odd. Now it’s 2 weeks on and I am ment to ovulate in 2 days but I have done a opk and it is extremely light. Anyone else had this happen to them please help