Am I tripping?


Hello ladies!

I’m a first time mama and I am also plus size. I woke up today and finally gave myseld the chance to admire my baby bump because I was starting to feel a little insecure for the past week or so.. However, Today I had gotten a comment from my boss that put me right back into a hole.. she stated that I , “didn’t look pregnant… my belly isn’t round, it’s just ‘there’ … and that if someone didn’t know me they wouldn’t think that I’m pregnant, they would just see me as a bigger woman.”

I haven’t had any comments like this said to me before and I am honestly taken back from it. I told my boss that the comment was very insensitive and rude and she immediately tried to apologize but I honestly don’t even care for an apology..

Am I wrong for being upset ? How do you all interpret those comments ?

Here are two pics.. 6 weeks to 6 months 💙