Should I say something about this nurse

I'm doing my pediatric nursing clinicals and I was paired with this one nurse. We had to go to this room that had a 21 year old man. Apparently adults can be put on pediatric if they are special needs but depends. So there was this guy who was delayed and his who I'm guessing is his mom said he's scared of needles. She was drawing his blood because ALL the phlebotomist where busy. She tried to grab his arm to stick him but he kept pulling back and she raised her voice at him saying "Stop!" His mom said he's just scared and to plz not raise her voice. The nurse rolled her eyes and tried again and poor thing ended up peeing himself. The nurse said "Oh my god and just left. I couldn't really do anything besides cleaning it up and talk to him. He was shy but did eventually talk to me. When I walked back to the nurses station she was sharing and laughing about his personal information with the other nurses which is a hippa violation. She just really rubbed me the wrong way.