Terrible 1s


Hey momies & daddies,

My 1-year-olds behavior has changed completely, he's throwing tantrums, not picking up his toys, hitting back & tempting me when I say NO. I'm tired of yelling and spanking & time-outs aren't working. *when I discipline him he runs to my mother and she will carry him and he'll forget quickly that he's in trouble & I've tried many times telling her to cut it out but she doesn't care.

My main goal is to stop yelling and spanking, my mother used to hit me a lot when I was young and it caused me to push her away & now that I’m a mother that’s a chain I’d like to break I don’t want my child looking for comfort elsewhere.

I need to better my patience and understanding with my toddler but I also need advice on how I can discipline him better to get better behavior.

I just had a daughter 6 days ago so I really need his behavior to get better.

My son is very good with his sister no jealousy as of now & I give him a lot of attention, he also goes to daycare and has came back with new behavior like fake crying and crawling. He walks or should i say RUNS 🙄.