Why does it always have to be the woman’s issue?


Please don’t be rude, but tell me if I’m wrong…

So after getting another BFN 9dpo I was feeling really down. I got checked out by a fertility doctor and was “cleared” as good to go. My husband did not go to a doctor and believes his 40 year old reproductive system is just fine (he’s 9 years older than me).

Feeling a bit bitter, I told him I didn’t understand why methhead and crackheads (etc) are able to get pregnant fine, but me who eats healthy, takes all the needed vitamins, uses pressed and tracks with opk has not..🥲

After some words of cramping he may be drawing blanks and such, I said “why does you call your dad and ask him how he got your mother pregnant three times…maybe he help”. I said it because I was mad but he did call …except he spoke to his mother instead.

…….of course she hopped on his side and said if I “want it too badly it won’t happen”. My MIL told my husband she had a friend who tried for two years and decided to adopt, but once she did she ended up getting pregnant because she was “happy and settled in”.🙄

It annoyed me that instead of encouraging his son to go to the doctor she automatically points to me as the issue! What if her son is drawing blanks or has a low sperm count ?? Like wtf what is it always the woman’s problem?!