So I have never used an OPK before. I have been worried with my age (Just turned 33 yesterday) and my endometriosis as well as my struggles getting pregnant with my last child (now 9) that I may not be able to. We have not used protection for the last 5 years but have also not really went full force into this either. I have been worried with the length of my periods and my history that I may not be ovulating any more. We had to use clomid to get pregnant before and I was also on progesterone injections. We started trying full speed last month. We have logged CM, temps and had sex as much as we could during fertile window. This month we are doing all of that but also started using the clearblue OPK. I was worried because the first few days were very light. But yesterday on my birthday it was darker! It was so close to being positive! Today at cycle day 14 I believe I have a positive on my OPK. This in itself is exciting because I know my body is doing something. What do you all think?

Top picture was today cycle day 14

Bottom picture cycle day 13