I feel guilty that he pays for everything

My bf and I have been dating for two years next month and we do not live together. He is 25 and I just turned 24 this month. I am unemployed and just finished nursing school so I am living with my mom now until I can get a job. My man does a lot of things like investing , real-estate and online business. His father is a pilot/engineer and his mother works for the city. My father is dead and my mom is a personal care provider, we do not come from money. I will not get into details of how much he spends on me because I don’t want anyone to feel insecure and put expectations on their relationship but he takes care of me completely. I am a low maintenance girl, I don’t even wear makeup and I don’t care for materialistic things but experiencing the simplest things in life. I am emotionally high maintenance as I love quality time with him. Early on in our dating we did mostly everything 50-50 but now he says he can truly take care of me. I feel guilty in a way, I never grew up like this I feel rich and secure all of a sudden because of him and I was taught to be independent so it’s very conflicting.

He will get upset if I don’t take his money and he set up auto deposit on my phone so I don’t decline it. Now he is going to buy me a car so I can stop depending on my mom to drive me where I need to go and for when I start working. I do not want him to do that. I’m use to the bus/train life. He says I don’t even need to work once we get married because he is set up but he will respect my choice. I didn’t study nursing for 4 years to be dependent on him you know?

Guys he paid off my 40k student loans. He told me remember when we use to talk about winning the lottery and the first thing you would do was ? I said yeah, I’d pay off my student loans. He was smiling back at me and I was like no you didn’t . I was obviously fucking crying and almost fainted. He held onto me, he said don’t be mad at him that i changed him for then better and changed his life and he owes me everything and wants to marry me soon. I obviously threw my hair back in a ponytail and gave him that gluck Gluck 9000 and put it on him.

Just recently we went to restaurant that had karaoke. Before I killed the mood because I wanted to leave because it was expensive. I lied and said I wasn’t hungry. He told me to live a little. He went up up to sing and then the waitress came to ask me if I wanted to have another drink. I told her no because my man is spending too much money on me and I feel really guilty about it . She said well does he make a lot of money?. I told her I guess he does. She said well let him spoil you because I deserve it. Then we chatted some more and decided to go for it.

I still can’t help feeling guilty about it. Should I just be grateful and accept it or make him stop